9 Fabulous Ways to Organize Toys in the Garage

Garage storage is always tricky. Things never seem to stay where you put them. Especially when it comes to your kids’ toys. Sometimes I wonder if those scooters and soccer balls are secretly multiplying overnight.

Like gremlins.

Or gray hairs.

It’s an endless battle.

If you’re finally ready to take back your garage space, and maybe even, I don’t know, park your car in the garage, then this post is for you.

When it comes to organizing kids toys in the garage, you definitely don’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can find fabulous, inexpensive storage solutions just about anywhere to spruce up your garage and reclaim your space.

A lot of the solutions you’ll see here are simple DIY projects or use dollar store hacks in creative ways. Awesome, right?

Ready to see some of the best ideas on organizing garage toys? Let’s get started…

1. Plastic Totes & Bins

Get the Tutorial at I Heart Organizing

Use inexpensive totes and bins in coordinating colors to corral small items like sidewalk chalk, whiffle balls, water toys, bubbles, sand toys, etc.

Bins like these can be found at Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Walmart. Bright colors and matching sizes take this ordinary garage shelving from functional to decorative without costing you an arm and a leg.

2. DIY Mud Room


Read more about this project at Dixie Delights Online

Sigh…isn’t this just gorgeous??

To get the most out of a setup like this, try sorting items by owner to create a mini-mudroom in your garage. You can easily separate bike helmets, backpacks, baseball equipment, and other related items according to the individual who uses them, instead of piling them into groups.

This helps cut down on fighting and confusion when you’re trying to get out the door. It also makes it easier for your kids to clean up after themselves since they know exactly where their belonging go.

3. Custom Vehicle Storage

Get the Tutorial at Momendeavors.com

Give all those wheels a home. Kids love them some transportation, am I right? From cozy coupes to wagons and bicycles to scooters, my garage is always packed with a mish-mash of unwieldy, oddly-shaped vehicles of every sort.

The best solutions are able to give each vehicle a designated home while also taking up as little floor space as possible.

4. Laundry Baskets for Sports Items

Find this budget-friendly garage makeover at Simply Kierste

Once your kids graduate from their tiny vehicles, odds are they’re moving into some kind of sports arena. And every sport comes with its fair share of equipment, balls, helmets, shin guards and so on.

They can quickly take over even the neatest garage. I like these inexpensive laundry baskets in coordinating colors to store and sort all kinds of sporting equipment. They’re easy to access, the contents are easy to see, and even a toddler can figure out how to use them.

5. Peg Boards with Flair

Learn how to make this at The Creativity Exchange

Pegboards are also great for storing all kinds of kids items in your garage. Take your style to the next level by painting your pegboard with a pretty pattern, like this striped one.

You can add some wire baskets, or a fun punch of color, or even outlines of the items and exactly where they go to keep things neat and tidy AND beautiful.

6. Ceiling Storage

Check out I Heart Organizing to see how this was done.

Ceiling storage is the best way to make the most use of your garage space without crowding out the cars that are meant to park there. I mean how many people do you honestly know who can park two cars in their garage these days?

Most of the time our kids’ junk takes over and one or both parents are parking in the driveway. And that just ain’t right in my book.

7. Shoe Pegs

Courtesy of DIY and Crafts Corner

Simple pegs are a great way to give muddy shoes, cleats, and running shoes an organized home in the garage. I love this idea because it doesn’t take up much space and avoids the pile of smelly shoes I’m constantly tripping over in my garage.

Plus, these pegs are easy to find at hobby shops and even garage sales. You can even make them easily on your own if you have a little DIY knowledge.

8. Bungee Corner for Large Balls

Learn how to make this at 100 Things 2 Do

This is another insanely simple, inexpensive way to make use of overlooked space in your garage! The bungee cords make those large basketballs, soccer balls, and bouncy balls easy to get to without needing a huge bin to store everything in.

It also eliminates the whole the-ball-I-really-really-want-is-at-the-bottom-of-the-pile-so-I’m-going-to-pull-all-the-other-ones-out-to-get-it scenario. Genius!

9. Tall Shelving Units and Large Bins with Custom Labels

Check this out at Classy Clutter


When it comes to any kind of storage, but especially in your garage, shelving units are your friend. Don’t forget to take advantage of the full height of your garage, since you won’t need to leave space on the wall for decorating or lighting fixtures.

Plastic bins with pretty labels and coordinating colors will go a long way towards keeping things organized and adding a touch of pretty to any space.

Take Back Your Garage

Now you have lots of tips and inspiration to get your garage organization going full swing. Most of these ideas could be knocked out in a weekend.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab some extra laundry baskets and a few pegboard hooks and get to work. You can totally do this!

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