The Only Babysitter Checklist You’ll Ever Need

The PERFECT printable babysitter checklist to leave for new babysitters, grandparents, and even husbands. Save time by filling this out! Perfect for stay at home moms and work at home moms who need help with time management.



As a work at home mom, I know the value of a good babysitter. I tend to get most of my work done during quiet play hours and preschool days (and when they were younger during naps), but sometimes it’s helpful to have someone jump in for a few hours – either to give me some uninterrupted work time or to give the hubby and I a much-needed night out. But…

I hate trying to find new sitters.

It’s a never-ending quest. Even when you find one you love, chances are you’ll need a backup or maybe a list of backups because, let’s face it, kids are busy people these days.

Searching for a trusted, reliable, kind, warm, available babysitter is not for the faint of heart. It can take years off your life.

Then you finally find her. You spend a few blissful years going out on date nights and getting stuff done, and then…she leaves for college! Or she gets married. Or she gets her dream job across the country. I mean, what job could compete with changing diapers and hours of imaginary fort building, I can’t imagine.

Cue the crying and rending of garments.

Finding a new babysitter means explaining again and again all the kids’ intricate bedtime rituals and special blankies and who eats carrots vs. who gags at the mere sight of carrots.

Well, I finally got tired of trying to remember all these little details over and over and decided to make an easy-to-use printable for our new babysitters.

And today I’m sharing it with you!

I’ve noticed having this checklist also serves as a reminder of things I need to tell the babysitter, but often forget. Those things I’ve done so many times that I don’t think about them anymore.

Now I don’t leave the house and wonder 30 minutes later if I remembered to tell the sitter that the baby needs his medicine before bed, or the oldest needs to get his backpack ready, etc.

I can even leave this list for a grandparent or friend who doesn’t want to ask for specific instructions but might feel more comfortable with a list of our child’s routines and quirks, just in case.

It’s super easy to use.

The Printable Babysitter Checklist has some common pre-filled checkboxes – just choose the ones that apply to your kids. Or add your own instructions to the fill-in spots. I’ve also included a Notes section for more specific details – or the sitter could use this area to leave notes for you.

Alternatively, you can print the blank version and make all your own custom entries.

This printable is made for 3 children, but if you have more than that (God bless you, friend!), just print additional checklists to cover all the kids.

Click here to download your Free Babysitter Checklist*: Blank or Pre-Filled



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