How to Organize Your Kitchen

I love a good kitchen organization hack. I really do.

But just because you’re saving money or adding functionality doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the pretty things. 

Putting things in order often brings a sense of beauty to any space (even if you’re just ditching your hand-me-down mismatched Tupperware set for a cohesive new Rubbermaid collection with all the right lids). But sometimes the kitchen organization hacks I see online are just plain ugly.

Yes, I can save a few bucks by cutting up my old cereal boxes and using them to store my taco seasoning packs, but can’t we make it a little prettier, too?

So today, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite kitchen organization ideas that also include an element of style. Enjoy!

DIY Pull-Out Fridge Cubby

Get the Tutorial from Classy Clutter

This little pull-out cubby – I’m not sure what else to call it – is the epitome of functional, simple, and adorable. It takes advantage of that wasted space between the fridge and the wall and provides tons of extra storage for pantry items.

Taking the extra effort to paint a pretty design on the back panel ensures that every time you reach for the spaghetti sauce, you get a little extra happy in your day.

Peg Board Storage

Get the Tutorial at Inspired By Charm

Pegboards used to be relegated to craft rooms and garages because they are so super functional. But no more!

If you have a lovely set of matching spatulas, measuring cups, wooden spoons, dish towels, etc., why not display them where everyone can enjoy them? And you can grab them at a moment’s notice.

Bonus – your hubby might mistake the familiar feel of this pegboard for the one in the garage and start helping with the dishes more often out of sheer habit.

Magazine Rack Organizers

Courtesy of Chica and Jo

Inexpensive magazine racks can be found to coordinate with any decor. And who knew they could be used in so many helpful ways?

Odds are, you’re not collecting magazines these days, but everyone could use easy access to cutting boards, baking sheets, aluminum foil boxes, recipes, and more.

The beauty of these is that they’re already the perfect size, easy to find, and require no DIY effort whatsoever!

Print Your Own Labels on White Containers from the Dollar Store

Courtesy of Classy Clutter

I gotta be honest. This pantry has me drooling like a St. Bernard in a butcher shop. It’s just so yummy! And the great thing is, you can do this yourself even if you don’t have a large walk-in pantry to work with.

The wallpaper adds a great splash of color and pattern, while the simple white and glass containers and custom labels make this feel like a little piece of heaven.

Did you know you can design and print your own custom labels for free on and If you haven’t discovered these gems, check them out today.

Add Command Hooks to Cabinet Doors

Courtesy of Meck Mom

How easy is this? You don’t have to dedicate a whole drawer to your potholders, oven mitts and measuring spoons. Just slap a few Command Hooks on the inside of your cabinet drawers and you’ll look like an organizing ninja.

Towel Rack Charging Station

Courtesy of Home Talk

This is another super easy win for the kitchen. Look closely…it’s basically just a towel rack mounted to the side of a lower cabinet (did you know you had wasted space there??).

Then add some simple hooks (even S hooks from your hardware store would work) and a few plants, a caddy, and some peel-and-stick letters to create this adorable new take on the charging station.

Appliance Cabinet

Courtesy of Remodelista

If you happen to have more cabinet space than you really need, you might turn one of them into your own private appliance cabinet. Tuck that microwave away, along with your crock pot, your mixer, and your lifetime supply of oatmeal (seriously, who eats that much Irish Oatmeal??).

No one needs to know that you occasionally feed your kids frozen nuggets nuked in the magic box. It will be our little secret.

Clear Containers & Pretty Liners in the Fridge

Courtesy of Two Twenty-One

I don’t know if it’s the pretty liners (called fridge coasters) or the pretty bottles of wine, but something is making this fridge much happier than mine. I also love the use of clear containers and pastel bowls to hold all the fruits and veggies in this fridge.

This kind of view might even inspire me to start stocking our fridge with more healthy food and less cool whip.

Pull Out Utensil Bin

Courtesy of This Old House

This might be my personal favorite. Instead of installing a lazy susan in the corner (poor Susan, she’s always getting a bad wrap…I think she actually works pretty hard), this designer installed a custom pullout cabinet, complete with simple metal containers for all those spoons and spatulas.

So what do you think? Did you find any new ideas today? I don’t know about you but, I’m ready to get my kitchen organization on….in style. Now, where’s my label-maker?

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